The Gauls, who were experts on the subject practised this art in direct relation with the bronze-worker. The latter used to make the sheet of bronze or brass. Braziers used to work this alloy. It is for the heating or “the annealing” making the material more malleable that this alloy will be worked.

Stamping and swaging will allow to create genuine artworks : cups, vases, phiales, mirrors, jewels decorated or engraved using an awl. But also helmets, cuirasses, weapons were found in wells with offerings ; testimony of the attachment of the Gallic peoples to their divinities.

During the Antiquity, these bronze or brass sheets were refered to as “Airain” (Antique/Ancient Bronze). Airain … the metal of the gods! This workshop is sure to help you tune in with the world of Gallic divinities.



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