The Gaul craftsperson box

An original way to put yourself in a Gaul craftsperson’s the shoes!

The Gallic village presents you to The Gaul craftsperson box !

A real immersion thanks to our participative workshop! 

During your visit and whenever you choose to come, we offer every child The Gaul craftsperson’s box.

In this little cardboard box given at the entrance, you will find every necessary material to make 3 objects.

So, along with your exploration, children may play the Gaul craftsperson and will be proud to make it the same way as our ancestors!

3 objects to make yourself during your visit!

A leather objects!

The leather is obtained from an animal skin such as: cow, goat, lamb and even fish.

Decorate yourself your leather item to make a unique one.

What a nice keychain to hang to your backpack or to your keys.

A brass jewel!

Brass work people often work the metal by pushing it with a hammer and an awl.

Now it is your turn to let your imagination free to decorate your piece of brass.

Here’s a lovely pendant.

A Gallic coin!
It is THE emblematic Gallic workshop of the village.

There are many coins in Gaul, nearly a different coin by tribes!

You will leave with a beautiful coin from The Volques Tectosages who were leaving in our region.


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