Woodworking in the Gallic period

The arrival of the iron tools in the Gallic period allows the work of the wood to develop in efficiency and in complexity. The Gauls use wood in numerous domains : for furniture and the house framework, boats (Veneti ships built in oak, praised by Caesar for their resistance), chariots, agricultural equipment, weapons, daily life objects (such as bowl, spoon, shovel, writing tablet).

Joining techniques used for the production of frameworks are the ones still used nowadays: mortise and tenon joints, pegs.
The Gauls are skillful craftspeople, inventors of the barrel, and probably the clogs.

The technique most used is the split wood work. Splitting allows to follow the wood fiber, which gives solid, flexible and watertight pieces.
If the wooden remains are not often kept, we do find numerous tools during excavations ; some ordinary tools that often go back in their design to the Stone Age are enough to make most of the objects.



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