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On more than 9 hectares in the heart of the forest !




Welcoming visitors with disabilities


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People with reduced mobility

80 % of the park is accessible to people with reduced mobility. Some paths in the Village have steep slopes and are therefore not recommended for wheelchair users or people with reduced mobility.
It is easy to travel along the main street, however access to some of the craftspeople's houses may be difficult, as may access to the harbour on the Garonne riverbank.
The upper part of the village, where the bronzesmith, sanctuary, relics and sacred spring are located, is difficult to access due to the steep slopes and bumps.
If you are accompanied by a physically fit person or have an electric wheelchair, the vast majority of the visit is manageable.
The lecture hall, projection room, restaurant, relaxation area and toilets are all wheelchair accessible.

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Deaf or hearing-impaired visitors

During the visit, you will find elements that are accessible to everyone. There are explanatory signs dotted along the path that will provide you with written information, descriptions and explanations to help you understand this period of history.  Not forgetting the continuous, highly visual and multi-sensory display put on by our craftspeople and hosts throughout the visit

Complete your visit with your mobile by downloading the free Le Village Gaulois app for iPhone and Android. Locate yourself on the map using geolocation, and discover the Gallic Village in a whole new way with its 2 guided tour routes: Find out more.

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Visitors with mental disabilities

The Gallic Village offers a wide range of attractions, and you will find a variety of information channels and multi-sensory features that make it easy to understand the content. This can take the form of written information, or the human interaction that is the basis of any visit to our site.

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Visually impaired visitors

At the Gallic Village, everything is sensed and felt. The very essence of the visit is based on interaction. Our craftspeople, guides and hosts bring this timeless place to life. Here, all your senses are called upon: as soon as you pass through the fortified gates, you will hear the sounds of nature, the wind in the foliage, the birdsong; then you will enter the first house, where the woodworker is busy creating a piece of furniture.  You will hear the sound of the wood file and the axe splitting the wood, and his descriptive explanations will transport you into this very special world. At 4 pm, our guide will share their knowledge of the era, and you will discover the daily life of the Volcae Tectosages who occupied this territory over 2,000 years ago

Welcoming Non-French-speaking visitors


Visiting a site and understanding the history of a country without speaking the language can be difficult. The Gallic Village is working on reducing the language barrier by developing various tools available to all visitors.

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Paper guides in English, Spanish and Dutch

The visitor trail is dotted with signs on stands providing historical or descriptive explanations.  We offer our English and Dutch-speaking visitors free paper guides that summarise this information and make it easier to explore the site.

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Services for groups in foreign languages

Guided tours in English, Italian and Spanish are available (booking required).

Contact & booking: 05 61 87 16 38


L'application mobile
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The guided tour app: Le Village Gaulois

Available in English, Spanish and Dutch, this guided tour app will enable you to discover the Gallic Village in a whole new way.

Choose one of our trails and be your own guide: audio, images, videos, installations and more. Experience the Gallic period like never before: Find out more.

Eating at the Gallic Village



Snack bar

If you want to just relax and enjoy your day, choose our snack bar's set menu, simple food with table service! A main course, dessert and drink!

In High Season (blue period), you can enjoy the restaurant area, open from 12 noon to 6.45 pm. Cold and hot drinks, snack plates, ice creams and artisanal products to enjoy on site, indoors or on the terrace

Cold drink and snack vending machine

All year long, a cold drink and snack vending machine is available in the projection room.

Gallic Meal (group menu booking required)

Gallic Meal available (booking required) as part of a group package from 1 April to 30 June and from 1 September to 30 October.



Picnics are prohibited inside the village

There are two picnic areas available:
- An area with seating for 100 is available at the site entrance next to the visitor car park, with a toilet, covered area and accessible toilets for people with reduced mobility.
- A "Woodland" area with seating for 220, open in fine weather and equipped with dry toilets (not accessible to people with reduced mobility)

Surrounded by expanses of greenery, these are great places to relax and play.

Room available for storing group picnics.

The Shop


Discover the world of the Gallic Village shop.

Discover the world of the Gallic Village shop. Here you will find a wide range of original ideas to prolong the enjoyment of your visit. 
Objects made on site by our craftspeople, selection of original local delicacies, bookshop area... Give in to temptation and take a little piece of the Gallic Village experience home with you.
A selection of books published by the Gallic Village are available on site or by mail order



There is ample free parking for cars and buses.

The car park is not monitored.

People with reduced mobility are allowed to use the "no entry" road and can be dropped off in front of the village's fortified gates. The same thing is allowed when leaving at the end of the visit. The vehicle must be parked in the visitor car park, where there are specially reserved spaces.

Accepted payment methods

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Credit cards

Credit cards are accepted at all tills in the park.


Chèques Vacances holiday vouchers

Chèques Vacances are accepted at all tills in the park.

No change is given.

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Chèques Culture vouchers

Chèques Culture are accepted only as payment for admission.

No change is given.


Consult all our price lists and buy your on-line tickets 24h / 24h thanks to our platform 100 % reassured. Groups and school, the Gallic Village welcomes you all year long on reservation!

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